Remote teams use games as energizers at the beginning of meetings, as coffee chats to catch up, for TGIF, as ice breakers when meeting new people and to onboard new team members

How do remote teams use games during their work hours?

✍️ by Mario Bertorelli on 🗓 2021-01-28 | ⏱ ~ 2 min read

Most remote teams have used virtual games to socialise and bond outside of work. The choice often falls on popular video-games like Call of Duty, Jackbox games, Among us, etc.

These games are great, but were not designed specifically to help remote teams bond. They are time-consuming, require preparation (installing apps, purchasing games, etc) and only serve the purpose of having fun together - without focusing specifically on improving relationships between remote work members. Consequently, they are seen as nice “after-work” activities and are not embedded in a team’s work schedule.

A new generation of virtual games

However, a new generation of virtual games for remote teams is emerging. These games are specifically designed for remote teams and have these benefits:

The most common use cases in remote teams

As a consequence, a number of remote teams and companies is starting to regularly use these games as a core part of their work days. Here are some of the most common use cases:

* These descriptions will come soon! Check back here.


If you work remotely and think your team could also benefit from engaging in virtual games, check out Atium's game library. We provide games specifically designed for remote teams, as well as a recommendation engine to suggest the right game at the right time and send reminders in your favourite communication tool (Slack, email, etc).