Remote teams use games as energizers at the beginning of meetings, as coffee chats to catch up, for TGIF, as ice breakers when meeting new people and to onboard new team members

⚡️ Short games as energizers for remote meetings

✍️ by Mario Bertorelli on 🗓 2021-01-28 | ⏱ ~ 2 min read

In this post we look at the use of short games as energisers to kick-off team meetings. This post is part of our series on how remote teams use games during work hours.

Several team leads and meeting owners at companies like HelloFresh, Ring (Amazon), Toptal and others, regularly use Atium’s short games as energizers for their remote meetings.

We’ll explain why they do it and give some practical tips to help you get started too.

What are the benefits of using Atium’s games as remote meeting energisers?

As the title of this blog post suggests, regularly using one of Atium’s games at the beginning of your remote team meetings can help you to kill two birds with one stone. You will both energise your meetings and gradually improve your team camaraderie and culture.

Benefit #1: increase your meeting’s engagement and productivity

Remote meeting owners often find it hard to keep their meetings productive and engaging. The first 5 minutes of a group video-call can be particularly frustrating, as you are waiting for everyone to join and have to engage in awkward chit-chat. This gets the meeting in motion on a low level of energy, which is likely to drag throughout the whole meeting, decreasing engagement and contributions from team members.

Using a fun energiser to kick-off the meeting can be a great solution. It will break the ice and increase energy levels, making it easier even for shyer team members to contribute during the rest of the meeting. Moreover, if the team enjoys playing a game before every team meeting, by becoming a ritual it can also help to get people excited about team meetings.

In the words of one of Atium’s users:

“EVERYONE showed up to the meeting either early or on time last Thursday. This is a HUGE deal for us because it’s NEVER happened before.”

Wei, HR manager at Kaleidoglobe

Benefit #2: improve team culture and camaraderie

As much as we like the thought of making remote meetings more productive, Atium’s mission is to help remote teams to build and express their culture. That’s why we spent (and continue spending) months talking to remote managers, work culture experts and organisational psychologists, before building our games.

The result is that Atium’s games are not only fun, but also specifically designed to make your team culture and camaraderie stronger.

During the games your team members will get to know each other better, fostering affective trust and emotional bonding. You will also be encouraged to get outside of your comfort zone and open up to the rest of the team, training vulnerability and psychological safety in a safe game setting.

Other benefits

By using team-building energisers during meetings that are already taking place, you not only increase engagement and built culture. You can also:

Why Atium is the best solution for this?

Atium provides a library of fun and engaging virtual energisers, that means you’ll have lots of variety while needing little to no preparation.

We also have integrations with email and Slack, which you can set up to send out a recommended energiser just before the beginning of your meetings.

How to start


Access our library or try our free energiser of the month!

This is the most common use case for Atium so far. Teams at companies like Kaleidoglobe and Ring (Amazon) use one of Atium's games at the beginning of every team meeting they have.