Remote work
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Remote work leads to more technostress


While remote working can lead to more technostress among the older or less technology-experienced employees, technostress becomes less of an issue as younger generations enter the workforce as they are used to using technology to communicate.

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Evidence for:

Research suggests that employees may face problems when using technology to communicate76. The inability to deal with technical issues has been shown to have negative effects on employee satisfaction and team experience and performance36, 39. Technology-related stress was also shown to increase strain, which in turn decreased job satisfaction75.

Evidence against:

On the other hand, the ability to deal with technological problems in a remote team can help the development of high trust among team members35. Interestingly, some scholars suggested that the previously mentioned technology-induced stressors of working remotely became less of an issue as millennials entered the workforce76, as they have the skills and abilities to deal with problems associated with communication technologies and are able to perform tasks easily and quickly77.