Remote work
fact checking report


Working remotely leads to poor relationships with office-based colleagues


Overall, evidence points to the idea that remote working leads to poorer relationships between office-based and remote colleagues. On the other hand, colleagues who are “in the same boat” may actually build stronger working relationships as a result of shared experiences.

Evidence for:

Research found that while remote workers tended to compensate for a lack of naturally occurring conversation with managers when working remotely by actively increasing communication - this was not the case for conversation with work colleagues51. The authors suggested that this could be because remote workers see relationships with work colleagues as less important and essential as relationships with managers. Other research found that office-based colleagues actually came to resent their remote working counterparts leading to a breakdown of relationships among employees52.

Evidence against:

Other research found that while relationships between in-office and remote workers may break down, relationships between employees working remotely/having a similar work rhythm actually improved53.