Effective remote teams are intentional about building human connection

Atium helps you make time for the important, but not urgent, social moments that are essential to build a strong remote culture.

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Why should I care about human connection?

It drives productivity

Disengaged team members result in less effective collaboration, human connection drives engagement.

It increases retention

Having friends at work is an indicator of higher levels of retention and job satisfaction.

It prevents burnouts

When going through stressful times at work, knowing you can rely on your team as a support network preserves mental health.

Forward thinking teams love Atium and here's why:

1. Scheduling and organizing social activities is super easy

Scheduling and organizing activities is easy

Athena from Atium takes away the hassle of organizing, scheduling, and getting inspiration for new activities.

2. Minimum input necessary, maximum output received

Small gains regularly compound to large outputs

Small gains on a regular basis compound. Scheduling recurring social moments in conjunction with your team's existing rituals has a huge impact on your team's effectiveness.

3. It's fun!

Atium's activities are fun!

Rather than feeling like a boring chore, Atium's activities are a lot of fun (or so our early customers say!)

Success stories from teams that value remote culture

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In November, Atium's activity of the month is Fact bucket.

Every month we open up one activity so you can get a taste of how Atium helps your team build connections and strengthen your remote culture!

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