🎅🏼 Activity Of The Month: December

Guess your colleagues' fav

Every month, a new Atium activity will be opened up to play with your team for free! During December it's My Anthem (including Christmas themes 🎄)!

1. Create an activity room and invite your colleagues by sharing your link

My Anthem works best for teams of at least 3 people and up to groups of 12. Above that we recommend making several 'rooms' to keep everyone engaged.

2. Search for your song

Search for your favorite song that fits the theme. With spotify's API you can search for basically any song you can think of.

3. Guess whose favorite song that is

Now it's time to show how well you know your colleagues. Guess whose favorite song it is. You can even play the song!

4. See how well your team knows you!

In the end you'll not only get to see who knows your team best, you'll also see an overview of who picked which song and create a playlist!

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At Atium we believe that remote teams need to be intentional about building connection. It's the human connections that are the foundation to a thriving culture.

To that end, Fact bucket has three underlying objectives:

Share interests

Get to know your colleagues better, and connect over shared interests.

Boost your sense of belonging

Send out signals of your culture, values and humour to strengthen your team's sense of belonging.

Set the tone

Set the right tone for collaboration.

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Atium helps you make time for the important, but not urgent, social moments that are essential to build a strong remote culture.

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