6 Easy last minute Halloween activities to do with your team

✍️ by Dasha Antsipava on 🗓 2020-10-29

Although this year may have seemed to last for a whole century, it is somehow already the end of October (what?!) and Halloween is just around the corner. Unless you live across the pond, Halloween is probably quite an understated holiday for your company anyway. And let’s be honest, with everything going on this year - you didn’t plan for it.

But regardless of whether you company goes all out for Halloween or quietly ignores the day, it is unlikely that you will be able to show off your costume at an office party this year. And as Europe buckles down for a second lockdown, we believe that everyone deserves a little extra joy and fun in their lives, right about now.

So to make your last working day of October a bit more fun, we have prepared a list of fun but low commitment last minute activities that you can do with your team:

1. Old costume contest

Do an old custume contest!

Since it is unlikely that you prepared to dress up this year, and made an effort to get a costume, how about resurrecting your old Halloween numbers and having a contest with your team? You could have a jury to vote for the ‘Best costume’ and ‘Worst costume’, and laugh at your ‘What was I thinking?’ moments together.

2. Wear a virtual mask

Wear a virtual mask

Or if dressing up is just too much commitment, you could don a virtual face mask over Zoom using Snap Camera or Zoom’s virtual backgrounds. For bonus points, try wearing your virtual mask in all Zoom meetings. Or have a competition with your team to see who lasts the longest.

3. Play Atium activities Halloween-style

Play Atium's activities - Halloween style

How about spicing up your meetings with Atium activities but mixing it up with Halloween themes? You could:

4. Compete in a (boozy) pumpkin carving contest

Carve that pumpkin - contest

This is an oldie but a goodie - get together over Zoom for a virtual pumpkin carving contest (you can find some great free stencils here if you want to cheat a little bit).

Or make it a Friday happy hour activity and add alcohol for an extra challenge. (Disclaimer: Be careful when mixing alcohol with sharp objects - Atium does not take any responsibility for any injuries that may occur.)

5. Take part in Virtual Halloween bake-along

Bake along

Alternatively, if your team is more culinary-inclined, why not pick a recipe and have a joint baking session over Zoom? You can find some great recipes here which look positively spooky and are relatively easy to follow.

6. Play a spooky version of ‘pass a story’

Pass a -scary- story

One person starts the game by improvising the beginning of a scary story for a minute or so. At the end of the minute, the second person continues the storyline for a minute, followed by a third person, and so on. The weirder and funnier the story - the better.