Activity Of The Month: October

Build human connection.
Strengthen psychological safety.
Play GIF tournament.

Regularly doing a fun activity helps your team be more effective.

1. Create an activity room and invite your colleagues by sharing your link

GIF tournament works best for teams up to 8 people, you'll need to invite at least 2 others to play (it's a social game after all...)

2. Search for a GIF

This is where your skills come in. Can you find the GIF that best fits the theme, but isn't too obvious?!

3. Vote for the best GIF your colleagues submitted

You can't vote for your own, but you do get to select the best GIF your colleagues submitted! Or... will you vote strategically?

4. Win the CGO title!

Chief GIF Officer

Parade around the virtual office, make a virtual background, change your LinkedIn title, post on Twitter... However you want to celebrate, we salute you!

Remote culture eats strategy for breakfast

At Atium we believe that remote teams need to be intentional about building connection. It's the human connections that are the foundation to a thriving culture.

To that end, GIF tournament has three underlying objectives:

Boost your sense of belonging

By choosing GIFs you think are best and competing against colleagues, you send out signals of a particular culture, values and humour, which helps to strengthen your team’s sense of belonging.

Foster empathy

Develop empathy for each other by understanding what makes your colleagues tick.

Have fun

Fun brings people together.

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