Activity Of The Month: May

Can you tell the truth by lying?

A classic ice-breaker, in this activity you come up with two true statements, and one lie. Then your colleagues vote for which they think is the lie!

Experience it yourself!

Guess which is Atium's lie...

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How to play Two Truths, One Lie

1. Create an activity room and choose Singleplayer or Multiplayer mode!

You can play this activity in both singleplayer and multiplayer mode.

👤 In singleplayer mode only you (as the host) will enter your statements. You'll then invite others (e.g. your colleagues) to vote for them.

👥 In multi-player mode, you invite your colleagues to join and also enter their statements. You can start the activity after everyone has submitted their statements and can then vote on each of them (either asynchronously, where everyone votes in their own time or sync, where everyone votes during the meeting).

2. Enter your Two truths, and one Lie

A good lie is one that is, ultimately, believable. While a good truth is something that is unlikely for you, but that is actually true.

In the end, it's about the set of three though... Can you fool your colleagues?

3. Guess the lie!

👤 In singleplayer mode you can copy the link to the activity now, and share it with whomever you'd like to vote.

👥 In multi-player mode it's now time to show how well you know your colleagues. Guess which is the lie for each of your colleagues!

4. See how well your team knows you!

In the end you'll know who's the pinocchio and who's the true trickster!

How will your team benefit from playing Two Truths, One Lie?

At Atium we believe that remote teams need to be intentional about building connection. It's the human connections that are the foundation to a thriving culture.

To that end, Two Truths, One Lie has three underlying objectives:

Meet as humans

Get to know your colleagues as human beings with friends, families and interesting lives outside of work.

Build safety

Send signals of belonging and vulnerability in order to build psychological safety in the team.

Lead with curiosity

Practice your curiosity muscle, assuming good intent and asking questions before making assumptions.

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