We strive to connect remote teams to make the future of work more collaborative, human and fun.

Atium is a technology company that is building a platform which helps leaders create effective and engaging remote cultures.

Why remote?

2020 has been a rude awakening to our vulnerabilities as a society, however it has also shown us how adaptable we are. How adaptable technology has made us.

Many of us realized that we don't have to commute several precious hours to and from big glass buildings to sit behind our computer for 8 hours, just to be effective at our jobs.

Remote work is a better model, amongst others it gives us back time, it reduces distractions and allows us to be more involved in our local communities. However, there are drawbacks, and they mostly revolve around the fact that we miss connection to our team and other colleagues.

The problem

Though remote work has those benefits, there are also challenges. 47% of the biggest struggles that remote team members face relate to connections. These struggles directly impact engagement negatively, lead to unnecessary attrition and for example onboarding is much more painful. There are, however, also core impacts on how successfull you can be in running your business.

The impact on the two core engines: Execution & Innovation

Beyond those direct impacts, not knowing your team well has some other less spoken about disadvantages. As a company there basically are two engines that run your business at different points in time: It's either the execution or the innovation engine.

When the execution engine is on full speed, you want to have a culture where people know exactly what to do. As a leader you create signals (e.g. sayings, stories, examples) that exemplify how people should act in certain situations. There is little uncertainty and success happens when the team executes in unity. Here the maxim 'culture eats strategy for breakfast' means that because of the strong culture you created, people know how to respond to any and every situation proficiently and quickly.

Conversely, when the innovation engine is running, you want to have a culture that celebrates people for experimenting. As a leader you get out of the way after building a culture of trust where people feel comfortable to make mistakes, discuss them and explore opportunities. Success happens when the team creates safety, but is also radically candor in their feedback. Here the maxim means that because of the strong culture you create, people feel safe to experiment and lift eachother up through the feedback they give eachother.

Regardless of what engine you're running, human connections are the lubricant. Either they reinforce the culture that shows people the way, or they create the safe environment and feedback loops that lift people up. Working alone just doesn't have this effect.


Atium is the platform where teams build and maintain human connections remotely. We design, build and provide activities that build trust, mitigate conflict, enhance communication & improve collaboration. From energizers to engage colleagues in otherwise bland virtual meetings, to coffee activities that take your conversations to a deeper level or team building activities where the whole team can come together and practice collaboration, whilst having fun.

These connections are the foundation of the culture that you want to build. Whether it's for execution or for innovation, Atium supports you in building a culture that is the basis of your success.

Our values behaviors

Grow through adventure

Celebrate differences

Be actively transparent

Inform yo'self

Take ownership

Work 10x smarter

Be good company

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The team

We founded Atium in March 2020 and are backed by Antler, a global early- stage VC firm and startup generator.

Giannis Melidis - Chief Technology Officer

Giannis Melidis (CTO)

Giannis is an experienced software engineer with an expertise in cloud technologies. He has hands-on experience leading and hiring for engineering and data science teams through his work at amongst others trivago.

Mario Bertorelli - Chief Growth Officer

Mario Bertorelli (CGO)

Mario has a proven track record as growth hacker. He believes in user research, robust analytics and fast-tempo experimentation. Before Atium he joined Next14 as founding team member and worked at Vodafone, Google and Ring.

Guido - Chief Executive Officer

Guido Knook (CEO)

Guido is a product leader with experience in (technical) product management and a background in design. Working at Mimi he gained valuable skills in product marketing, cultural and organizational development, hiring, strategy, and leadership.

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