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With atium you can host fun games that build trust, mitigate conflict, and improve collaboration.

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virtual team building activities

Team Building Activities

Activities that help you build and maintain a sense of belonging in your team. You can select activities based on duration, number of players and values you want to build (e.g. connection, communication, vulnerability).

  • 3-20+ players

  • Easy to use

  • Fun as a team

my anthem - team building activity
20 questions - coffee chat activity

Coffee-Chat activities

These activities are geared towards 1 on 1 conversations and virtual coffee chats. They are designed to facilitate collaboration, coaching and communication.

Ready to go more in-depth?

Schedule a one-on-one meeting and have a nice strong cup of coffee ready

Time to connect!

In the overview of coffee activities, you can see what each activity focuses on. Tired of talking about the weather? Playing 20 questions will let fate decide what you talk about this time!

Energizers and Icebreakers

Perfect as ice-breakers at the beginning of remote meetings, or to break-up longer sessions (like workshops, conferences etc) and give an energy boost to your team. For example by testing each others communication and listening skills, or by learning fun facts about each other.

Abstraction - energizer

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