Play fun virtual activities with your team. Build an inclusive remote culture.

Atium offers a library of original games and activities designed for remote teams to build connection, topped by integrations making it effortless to choose, schedule and join the activities.

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Our library of games 🕹

We provide a continuously updated library of games and activities designed to build connection in remote teams. Here's how it works:

  • Choose and start an activity

    You can choose based on the number of participantsWe have activities for small teams and large teams both., the lengthFrom short 5 min energizers to team-building workshops, our platform offers it all. and which area of team connectionFoster connection, share vulnerability, practice collaboration, and more; all while having fun with you team! you intend to improve.

  • Invite other participants

    Share the activity link with your colleagues, for example at the beginning of a meeting.

  • Do the activity next to any video-call tool

    Once your colleagues joined, you can start the activity.

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Meet Athena, our Slack app.

To make it even easier to choose, schedule and regularly engage in Atium's activities, we built a Slack app.

  • Schedule when to receive suggested activities

    Set reminders for activities with your team at regular moments in the week. For example at the beginning of your weekly team meeting, during a daily standup or for your virtual Friday drinks.

  • Get the right activity at the right time!

    Our recommendation engine will create a social schedule for your team based on factors like your team size and how long you have for activities.

  • Receive reminders in Slack

    Athena sends you a message with a link to an activity in a Slack channel of your choice, so that you and your colleagues can easily join and start a different activity every time.

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Why should I care about human connection?

It drives productivity

Disengaged team members result in less effective collaboration, human connection drives engagement.

It increases retention

Having friends at work is an indicator of higher levels of retention and job satisfaction.

It prevents burnouts

When going through stressful times at work, knowing you can rely on your team as a support network preserves mental health.

You're in great company!

Success stories from teams that value remote culture

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The activity of this month is Two Truths, One Lie.

Every month we open up one activity so you can get a taste of how Atium helps your team build connections and strengthen your remote culture!

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